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Reload Issues - Chrome users Only

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  • Reload Issues - Chrome users Only

    For those of you that are crashing in flash you may have what is known as a flash conflict

    You need to copy and paste the following into a new Chrome tab


    Make sure you hit details on the far right so you see all that is listed - not just the summary

    Then you will need to disable one of your flash players (if you have more than 2 and I have seen this - then you will need to disable all but 1 flashplayer)

    I user pepperflash because I am known to open Firefox while having chrome open so I don't want a flash conflict between the 2 of them - i.e. them both running the same flash player.

    Which ever one you choose is totally up to you No one is saying you need to use pepperflash or the macromed flash we all have our own preference - play around with it until you find one that works well for you remember you need only 1 enabled on Chrome

    current as of 4/7/15