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Collecting from posts on facebook wall not working

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  • Collecting from posts on facebook wall not working

    I tried to collect a bonus from a wall posting from someone else's wall within 2-3 minutes of it being posted, and it said it was No longer available. This has happened for about a month or two now.

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    Another Ooblada game has an issue where if you collect from a link/post it tells you that it is no longer available but you still get the item you're meant to, so I want to make sure that it is actually not working and just not displaying properly. To do this, I will need you to supply some screen shots.

    1. Your boosters before collecting the post.
    2. The notification saying that it is no longer available.
    3. Your boosters after claiming from the post.

    If you have 99 of any booster, please use at least one of each before doing this so that we can be sure as to whether or the number of those has changed.

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