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Server times out when loading game

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  • Server times out when loading game

    This only started a few days ago. It has not happened before. I love playing Riddle Stones and would like to continue to do so, but the game won't load.
    I use Windows 10, Firefox quantum 58.0.2 (32-bit). I switched firefox from 64-bit to 32-bit. My flash player, java, and shockwave are all current. Don't know why this is happening. Wanted to include screenshot, but it will not accept ppng, jpg, bmp, or gif files.

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    I actually need to know full version numbers of
    Flash player
    Shockwave player
    Java --

    Just because you say they are up to date - doesn't mean they are -- we have had several tell us that - only to find out they are way out of date

    I also need you to run and post the results back here please

    and to upload a screen shot - use (you do not need to register) and then grab the 2nd url on the left

    Once we have this information we can better be able to assist you


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      Java 8.0.1610.12


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        you need to update java - because there was an update that came out that fixed like 63 security issues that came out last month actually

        flash and shockwave are up to date

        now since I know AT&T has had a boat load of issues at least in my area and I am just a couple of states over from you -- so still in the south basically -- and ppl are dropping them like flies for the internet here and going with cable -- so if that tells you anything

        what are you paying for with them as far as speed goes? and when was the last time you reset your modem

        The reason I ask is because one of friends has been through 4 modems in the past couple of months and she is switching from them to cable at this point because she is constantly dropping her internet


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          I will be back holly - I have real life things to deal with at the moment - my counter part may be here before I get back -

          Try resetting your modem - turn it off for 1 minute then turn it back on -

          Also since your provider is having so many issues lately - and not just in my area - I would call them if I were you and start a trouble ticket with them just to be on the safe side because if you pay for something higher than 6 up and 1 down - then there is clearly something going on with your line --- and from their website the lowest is suppose to be 50 mbps -- so you are way down the line so clearly something wrong with the line


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            It's not the java, java 8 update 161, is the same one the website is currently giving. And all the other games are fine. This is the only one that's acting up. I'm not starting a trouble ticket over this. There's no other problem.


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              do you know what you pay for? if you pay for 50 mbps and are only getting 6 mbps - that has nothing to do with the game - that has to do with your provider actually -- and if you don't have a good connection with your provider - you may not have a good connection with the game
              ATT website shows the lowest service for internet is 50 mbps -- which means they are ripping you off on speed at the moment - you are getting way less than what you pay for - depending on how much other stuff you have hooked up to the net and downloading at the same time will determine how the game connects to the server on facebook