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boosters not working

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  • boosters not working

    Whenever I share a booster and someone tries to collect, it says no longer available. Even if it has been posted immediately. this has been happening for months.

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    Sorry Jamie just seen this - it's a facebook issue and has to do with publishing -- what you need to do is as follows

    1) grab this link and copy it
    2) Log completely out of facebook
    3) paste the link into the address bar of your browser and hit enter
    4) you will be prompted to log into Facebook again - do so
    5) when you get the pop up that says Allow game to publish on your behalf - click OK

    This should fix your issue and your teammates should be able to collect any boosters from your posts going forward.

    sorry again for taking so long to respond (and I may have responded to you in messages from the page) But real life dealt me a big punch and lots to digest at the moment so I am not always around.