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Problem with amount of time allowed to finish a grid

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  • Problem with amount of time allowed to finish a grid

    In Seaweed Farm #97 on the Legendary Level, on the third grid, it gives you 26 seconds (yes, that's right, only 26 seconds) to solve a 20 x 20 grid.

    That, I think, is impossible, so it must be a mistake? Can anyone confirm this or let me know that it will be changed?

    Many thanks,


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    Which Season ?? if season 1 it could be quite possible - I can go back and see what my time was to solve it for you

    Some of those that have short times like that have lots of time freezes on the grid actually


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      My time on that level is 42 seconds. It's highly probable that I used my boosters (in particular the time freeze) to get that time, but it's possible to get it done in the time supplied.

      BarbE - it's Season 1, Into the Abyss.

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        yes it is 26 seconds and there are lots of time freezes on that level

        But thanks I needed to go back and get my last star on that one