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  • Forum Rules & Regulations

    Welcome to the ooblada Community Forums! The following lines gather guidelines on behaviors that are acceptable as well as those that are not.
    These Rules of Conduct apply to all threads, posts, private messages, visitor messages on user profiles, and you have to follow them if you want to use the forum.

    A. Forbidden Behaviors:

    A1. Attacking the Game and its Representatives:
    Direct attacks against the game and its representatives are not taken up lightly. While your feedback is appreciated, attempts to rally others into boycotting, joining FB hate-groups, insulting staff members or engaging in other such behaviors not otherwise specified through the use of this forum, are subject to penalization.

    A2. Exchanging Reputation:
    Also known as "reputation begging", the exploitation of the reputation system is a behavior severely frowned upon. Warning and infractions will be sent to offenders and repeat offenders are also subject to having a reputation reduction through a series of downreps.

    A3. Hijacking:
    Hijacking is the act of trying to take over a thread by twisting the original subject of the said thread. Hijacking can come in the forms of either posting off-topic information or attempting to alter the subject of a discussion in way that satisfies one’s own agenda.

    A4. Insulting/Flaming Others:
    Hostile and inflammatory interaction between members is strictly forbidden. Should one is attacked; the report button is your best friend. Replying in the same hostile manner will usually get both parties penalized regardless of who started the conflict.

    A5. Posting or Linking to Advertisements:
    Posting or linking to advertisements is against both the FB and Forum rules and regulations. Links that lead to such content will be deleted and the poster will be penalized. Off-topic sites that are considered safe and not bound under this restriction are usually, blogs, wikis or personal sites.

    A6. Posting or Linking to Porn/Vulgar Content:
    The golden rule, "keep the forums clean". Posting such content will result into the deletion of said content and the immediate ban of the poster. Repeat offenders will have their accounts banned permanently.

    A7. Reviving:
    Reviving is the action of bringing to the first page a thread long forgotten. It's usually best to leave dead threads alone. If you wish to post in a thread that has not had any new posts in ten days or more, you are asked to start a new thread instead of reviving the old one.

    A8. Ruining Trades (Gift-Slamming):
    Please note that Gift-Slamming, which is the gifting of an item that is currently being offered by another player in a trade, should never be done, and will likely result in the player doing the gifting receiving an infraction.

    A9. Shouting:
    Composing a post by using all caps, bold or large fonts (bigger than 4) is considered shouting. While your comments and opinions are appreciated, such behaviors should be avoided. All posts that are not in compliance will be edited to remove said content.
    Please keep your signatures small and modest in the forum.

    A10. Spamming:
    Posting the same information over and over is considered spamming. This can actually be only twice and considered spam if on the same exact forum or even only once if you are posting off-topic information regardless of the forum section you are posting in.

    A11. Trolling:
    Trolling is the action of posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages, with the primary intent of provoking other users into a desired emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion. Since trolling has no instrumental purpose whatsoever, it is also one of the behaviors more likely to receive a ban for.

    A12. Using Multiple Accounts:
    The use of multiple accounts is against both FB and Forum rules and regulations. Members who are found to be violating this particular regulation will be penalized by having all the alternative accounts permanently banned and their primary one banned for a set period of time.

    A13. Copying FB Wall Feed Links (W/Ls & Gifts excluded):
    Posting in this forum for the purpose of greedily collecting rewards (links to HK requests and fruits or gifts or any reward) is not allowed. Posting links that lead to such content will be deleted and the poster will be penalized. Repeat offenses will result in greater penalties.Due to the latest changes wl links are allowed to be included in your post OR in your signature but they must be only yours. More than one wl in your signature (your own wl link) will be considered as spam.

    B. Moderator Actions:

    B1. Editing Information:
    Information that is found to be violative of the forum rules and regulations is subject to be edited or even deleted.

    B2. Sticking Threads:
    Well-written threads or threads that contain helpful information are usually stickied to provide a concrete database for the forum members to read.

    B3. Moving, Merging or Splitting Threads:
    It is common for posts and threads to be found in places where they do not belong. Those posts and threads are either moved, merged or split according to what action is more appropriate. When such action is taken, a brief redirect is usually left behind to enable thread tracking.

    B4. Closing Threads:
    Threads that have no instrumental purpose but otherwise contain no forum violations are getting closed. In addition, threads that devolved into flamewars are also closed.

    B5. Deleting Threads:
    Threads that were found violative of the forum rules and regulations are subject to deletion. In addition, under specific circumstances, threads might be deleted after the OPs request.

    B6. Creating Polls:
    Polls might be created at any time by the administration to gather information on subjects that are currently under investigation.

    B7. Issuing Warnings:
    Warnings are issued to new members (50 posts or less) that were found to be violating a specific or multiple rules and regulations in their posts and threads. Although a warning is the original response, it can and will evolve into an infraction or ban if the behavior is prolonged.

    B8. Issuing Infractions:
    Infractions are issued to members that are not green (51 posts or more) that were found to be violating a specific or multiple rules and regulations in their posts and threads. Although an infraction is the default response, it can and will evolve into a ban if the behavior is prolonged.

    B9. Issuing Bans:
    Bans are generally issued to members who choose to be actively defiant of the rules and regulations. Although bans are not issued frequently, when one is issued, all accounts that share the same IP are banned for the same duration of time. That said, if your household hosts more than one accounts, it is your own responsibility to never cross the line, since that would also penalize accounts that were not affiliated with the ban-worthy violation in the first place.
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