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    ooblada awesome member
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    Tick Unexpected


    Black magic artifacts
    Strange voodoo doll Rarity: 20
    Toad saliva flask Rarity: 19
    Skull candle holder Rarity: 19
    Black magic breviary Rarity: 19
    Tsantsa Rarity: 19

    Improbable items
    Thor's hammer Rarity: 20
    Crystal skull Rarity: 20
    UFO's pendant Rarity: 19
    Piece of kryptonite Rarity: 19
    Philosophers stone Rarity: 19

    Historical treasures
    Mona Lisa Rarity: 20
    King Arthur crown Rarity: 20
    Crusoe's message Rarity: 19
    The golden fleece Rarity: 19
    Erik the Red's helmet Rarity: 19

    Christian relics
    Shroud of Turin Rarity: 20
    Cross of Coronado Rarity: 20
    Longinus spear Rarity: 20
    Holy Grail Rarity: 20
    Reliquary chest Rarity: 19

    Old Testament relics
    Eve's apple Rarity: 20
    Golden calf Rarity: 20
    Noah's Ark Index Rarity: 20
    The Ten Commandments Rarity: 20
    Ark of the covenant Rarity: 20

    Historical belongings
    Lincoln's top hat Rarity: 20
    Queen Elizabeth's crown Rarity: 20
    Gandhi's glasses Rarity: 19
    Freud's pipe Rarity: 19
    Marie Curie's beaker Rarity: 19

    Lost manuscripts
    Rondo Alla Turca Rarity: 20
    Moonlight Sonata Rarity: 20
    Gymnopedie No.1 Rarity: 19
    Pavane Rarity: 19
    Clair de lune Rarity: 19

    Playing cards
    Queen of hearts Rarity: 20
    Ace of spades Rarity: 20
    Joker Rarity: 20
    Jack of clubs Rarity: 19
    King of diamonds Rarity: 19

    Fairytale items
    Snow White's mirror Rarity: 20
    Cinderella's glass slipper Rarity: 20
    White Rabbit's watch Rarity: 19
    Little Red Riding Hood's cloak Rarity: 19
    Puss' boots Rarity: 19

    Interesting items
    Excalibur Rarity: 20
    Apple of Discord Rarity: 20
    Trojan horse Rarity: 19
    Pandora's box Rarity: 19
    Seven league boots Rarity: 19

    Greek mythology items
    Zeus' thunderbolt Rarity: 20
    Poseidon's trident Rarity: 20
    Athena's aegis Rarity: 19
    Hades helmet Rarity: 19
    Apollo's lyre Rarity: 19

    Classic game items
    Mushroom Rarity: 20
    Pink heart Rarity: 20
    Golden ring Rarity: 19
    Gold coin Rarity: 19
    Cherries Rarity: 19

    Great scientists items
    Einstein's equation Rarity: 20
    Fermat's Last Theorem solution Rarity: 20
    Thomas Edison's light bulb Rarity: 19
    Socrates' hemlock bottle Rarity: 19
    Aristotle's telescope Rarity: 19

    Asian mythology beasts
    Golden Dragon Rarity: 20
    White Tiger Rarity: 19
    Vermilion Bird Rarity: 19
    Black Tortoise Rarity: 19
    Azure Dragon Rarity: 19

    Tarot cards
    Wheel of Fortune card Rarity: 20
    Fool card Rarity: 20
    Sun card Rarity: 20
    Hermit card Rarity: 19
    Judgement card Rarity: 19

    Kids games
    Yo-yo Rarity: 20
    Spinning top Rarity: 20
    Little dog pawn Rarity: 20
    Dreidel Rarity: 20
    Little dice Rarity: 19

    Planet replicas
    Uranus Rarity: 20
    Jupiter Rarity: 20
    Saturn Rarity: 20
    Venus Rarity: 19
    Mars Rarity: 19

    Circus accessories
    Unicycle Rarity: 19
    Show tunic Rarity: 19
    Juggling clubs Rarity: 19
    Flower squirter Rarity: 19
    Diabolo Rarity: 19

    Famous miniature monuments
    Taj Mahal Rarity: 20
    Forbidden City Rarity: 20
    Iron Lady Rarity: 19
    Sydney Opera House Rarity: 19
    Big Ben Rarity: 19

    Sacred Hindu items
    Vishnu statue Rarity: 20
    Shiva statue Rarity: 20
    Lakshmi statue Rarity: 19
    Ganesha statue Rarity: 19
    Aum syllable Rarity: 19

    Buddha statues
    Thai Buddha Rarity: 20
    Maitreya Buddha Rarity: 20
    Standing Buddha Rarity: 20
    Buddha head Rarity: 19
    Laughing Buddha Rarity: 19

    Darwinian melting pot
    Blue-footed Booby Rarity: 20
    Darwin's cotton Rarity: 20
    Darwin's finch Rarity: 20
    Taxidermy glass eyes Rarity: 19
    Darwin's scalpel Rarity: 19

    Famous Venetian masks
    Pierrot mask Rarity: 20
    Bauta mask Rarity: 20
    Harlequin mask Rarity: 20
    Columbina mask Rarity: 19
    Moretta mask Rarity: 19

    Famous literature works
    Wuthering Heights Rarity: 20
    Treasure Island Rarity: 20
    Moby-Dick Rarity: 20
    Great Expectations Rarity: 20
    Emma Rarity: 20

    Wonderland's forest relics
    Caterpillar's monocle Rarity: 20
    Caterpillar's hookah Rarity: 20
    Accusing pigeon Rarity: 19
    Shrinking mushroom Rarity: 19
    Enlarging mushroom Rarity: 19

    Wonderland's croquet relics
    Queen of Hearts' sceptre Rarity: 20
    Living joker Rarity: 20
    Hedgehog Rarity: 19
    Painted white rose Rarity: 19
    Greater flamingo Rarity: 19

    Sinbad's first voyage relics
    King's present Rarity: 20
    Sea horse Rarity: 20
    Blessed log Rarity: 20
    Gigantic whale's baleen Rarity: 19
    Sinbad's vessel oar Rarity: 19

    Sinbad's second voyage relics
    Diamond bag Rarity: 20
    Roc feather Rarity: 20
    Giant snake Rarity: 19
    Roc nest Rarity: 19
    Roc egg shell Rarity: 19

    Halvor's possessions
    Troll toy Rarity: 20
    Halvor's backpack Rarity: 20
    Halvor's piece of rags Rarity: 19
    Halvor's walking stick Rarity: 19
    Skipper's cap Rarity: 19

    Soria Moria Castle relics
    Princess' ring Rarity: 20
    Soria Moria Castle sword Rarity: 20
    Mysterious flask Rarity: 20
    Troll ear Rarity: 19
    Soria Moria rakfisk Rarity: 19

    Magical writing tools
    Magical spellchecker Rarity: 20
    Magical eraser Rarity: 20
    Magical book Rarity: 20
    Magical ink pot Rarity: 20
    Magical quill Rarity: 20

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    Tick Ancient Egyptians


    Egyptian make-up set
    Kohl pot Rarity: 6
    Bronze mirror Rarity: 4
    Make-up spoon Rarity: 3
    Ointment pot Rarity: 2
    Make-up palette Rarity: 1

    Desert animals amulets
    Egyptian vulture and cobra amulet Rarity: 11
    Scarab amulet Rarity: 8
    Egyptian mongoose amulet Rarity: 7
    Jackal amulet Rarity: 5
    Shrew amulet Rarity: 1

    Nile gods statuettes
    Khnum statuette Rarity: 14
    Satet statuette Rarity: 10
    Anuket statuette Rarity: 8
    Hapi statuette Rarity: 5
    Sobek statuette Rarity: 3

    Sphinx statues
    Tutankhamun sphinx Rarity: 17
    Sphinx of Hatshepsut Rarity: 16
    Great Sphinx of Tanis Rarity: 15
    Shepenupet sphinx Rarity: 12
    Winged female sphinx Rarity: 9

    Elegant Egyptian wigs
    Sat-Hathor-Iounit's wig Rarity: 20
    Thutmose III's wife wig Rarity: 20
    Lady's wig and wig-box Rarity: 19
    Offering bearer's wig Rarity: 19
    Kha's wig Rarity: 19

    Mummification set
    Embalmer's mask Rarity: 9
    Embalming table Rarity: 6
    Schist knife Rarity: 4
    Nasal spoon bowl Rarity: 2
    Linen bandage Rarity: 1

    Representations of solar barge gods
    Apep hieroglyphic fresco Rarity: 13
    Aset wall painting Rarity: 11
    Set low relief Rarity: 8
    Re statuette Rarity: 5
    Bastet statuette Rarity: 4

    Weighing of the heart instruments
    Maat's feather Rarity: 18
    Ammit Rarity: 17
    Djehuty's baboon Rarity: 15
    Djehuty's clay tablet Rarity: 10
    Sechech sistrum Rarity: 2

    Royal furniture for beyond
    Funerary bed Rarity: 14
    Chair throne Rarity: 12
    Painted chest Rarity: 10
    Ornate cabinet Rarity: 7
    Cartouche-shaped box Rarity: 3

    Pharaoh attributes
    Was sceptre and ankh Rarity: 20
    Nemes Rarity: 20
    Pschent Rarity: 20
    Heka sceptre and Nekhekh flagellum Rarity: 20
    False goatee beard Rarity: 19

    Amun representations
    Gold Amun statuette Rarity: 7
    Amun in the Book of the Dead Rarity: 5
    Ram-headed Amun statue Rarity: 3
    Amun and Mut statuette Rarity: 2
    Amun protecting Tutankhamun Rarity: 1

    Scribe tools
    Reeds case Rarity: 8
    Scribe palette Rarity: 7
    Wood writing tablet Rarity: 5
    Ostracon Rarity: 3
    Papyrus sheet Rarity: 2

    Scribe statues
    Seated Scribe Rarity: 10
    Scribe Nebmeroutef Rarity: 7
    Scribe Ptahmai's family Rarity: 6
    Scribe Horemheb Rarity: 4
    Scribe Psammetich Rarity: 1

    Thutmosis III's botanical garden
    Pomegranate bonsai tree Rarity: 16
    Incense tree Rarity: 13
    Dragonwort Rarity: 8
    Blue Egyptian water lily Rarity: 6
    Cluster of sycamore figs Rarity: 2

    Egyptian clothing
    Pharaoh shendyt kilt Rarity: 11
    Crocodile skin armour Rarity: 9
    Pleated linen tunic Rarity: 6
    Papyrus sandals Rarity: 4
    Egyptian loincloth Rarity: 3

    Royal Egyptian jewellery
    Ramesses II's bracelet Rarity: 18
    Horemheb's ring Rarity: 14
    Pinudjem's necklace Rarity: 10
    Tutankhamun's pectoral Rarity: 9
    Seti II's earring Rarity: 5

    Unique Egyptian music instruments
    Nefertari's sistrum Rarity: 20
    Tutankhamun's ivory clappers Rarity: 20
    Ramsesses III's bow harp Rarity: 20
    Royal orchestra lute Rarity: 19
    Primitive ney Rarity: 19

    Aset representations
    Winged Aset pectoral Rarity: 17
    Statuette of Aset nursing Horus Rarity: 14
    Aset statue Rarity: 8
    Aset terracotta Rarity: 5
    Aset and Asar papyrus Rarity: 2

    Craftsmen tools
    Pair of Egyptian scissors Rarity: 10
    Egyptian handsaw Rarity: 6
    Egyptian adze Rarity: 4
    Bow drill Rarity: 2
    Wooden mallet Rarity: 1

    Egyptian weapons
    Khopesh Rarity: 15
    Composite bow Rarity: 13
    Egyptian sword Rarity: 9
    Egyptian battle axe Rarity: 7
    Bronze spearhead Rarity: 3

    Nubian relics
    Amun amulet Rarity: 16
    Nubian bracelet Rarity: 12
    Meroitic vase Rarity: 7
    Nubian kettledrum Rarity: 4
    Nubian loincloth Rarity: 3

    Amenhotep III's belongings
    Amenhotep III's cartouche Rarity: 17
    Amenhotep III's head Rarity: 13
    Amenhotep III's senet set Rarity: 11
    Amenhotep III and Tiye's pyriform vase Rarity: 9
    Amenhotep III and Tiye's wedding scarab Rarity: 2

    Ptah representations
    Ptah-Seker-Asar statuette Rarity: 18
    Ptah-Patek statuette Rarity: 16
    Ptah statue Rarity: 14
    Ptah stele Rarity: 12
    Ptah statuette Rarity: 10

    Amanishakheto's jewellery
    Amanishakheto's pair of earrings Rarity: 20
    Amanishakheto's shield-ring Rarity: 20
    Amanishakheto's gold ring Rarity: 20
    Amanishakheto's necklace Rarity: 20
    Amanishakheto's bracelet Rarity: 20

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    Tick Ancient Greeks

    Ancient Greeks

    Ancient Greece coins
    Lampsacus gold stater Rarity: 8
    Athens tetradrachm Rarity: 5
    Corinth silver stater Rarity: 4
    Metapontum drachma Rarity: 3
    Aegina obol Rarity: 1

    Athenian politician representations
    Herodotus and Thucydides dual bust Rarity: 10
    Pericles bust Rarity: 7
    Solon bust Rarity: 5
    Cleisthenes low relief Rarity: 2
    Draco tondo Rarity: 1

    Athenian democracy voting tools
    Kleroterion Rarity: 9
    Greek ostracon Rarity: 7
    Pinakion Rarity: 3
    Vote token Rarity: 2
    Identity token Rarity: 1

    Greek theatre masks
    Dionysos mask Rarity: 13
    Tragedy mask Rarity: 6
    Satyric drama mask Rarity: 4
    Comedy mask Rarity: 3
    Bearded mask Rarity: 1

    Athenian democracy philosopher works
    Aristippus' On Ancient Luxury Rarity: 16
    Plato's Republic Rarity: 12
    Aristotle's Metaphysics Rarity: 8
    Apology of Socrates Rarity: 4
    Protagoras' Treaty of the Gods Rarity: 2

    Athena attributes
    Gorgoneion Rarity: 17
    Corinthian helmet Rarity: 14
    Owl of Athena Rarity: 9
    Olive tree Rarity: 5
    Spindle and distaff Rarity: 2

    Athenian monument miniatures
    Parthenon Rarity: 20
    Olympieion Rarity: 20
    Erechtheion Rarity: 20
    Theatre of Dionysus' orchestra Rarity: 19
    Pnyx's bema Rarity: 19

    Circe's possessions
    Circe's kylix Rarity: 15
    Circe's shawl Rarity: 13
    Circe's lion Rarity: 9
    Circe's wolf Rarity: 7
    Circe's pig Rarity: 4

    Ogygia delights
    Calypso's maza Rarity: 16
    Bunch of rock samphire Rarity: 9
    Tall mallow Rarity: 6
    Cluster of grapes Rarity: 4
    Bunch of parsley Rarity: 2

    Odysseus' possessions 1
    Polyphemus' eye Rarity: 16
    Cicones' amphora Rarity: 12
    Olive tree stake Rarity: 6
    Cyclopean rock Rarity: 3
    Piece of sheep fleece Rarity: 1

    Sirens' items
    Zither Rarity: 17
    Aulos Rarity: 11
    Siren's comb Rarity: 7
    Siren feather Rarity: 3
    Pair of beeswax earplugs Rarity: 1

    Odysseus' possessions 2
    Aeolus' goatskin bag Rarity: 17
    Moly Rarity: 14
    Odysseus' sword Rarity: 8
    Giant stag antlers Rarity: 4
    Small Trojan Horse Rarity: 1

    Cyclopes' precious items
    Hades' kunee Rarity: 18
    Artemis' bow and arrow Rarity: 16
    Hephaestus' hammer Rarity: 10
    Cyclops' stick Rarity: 5
    Cyclopean wall Rarity: 2

    Odyssey-related god sculptures
    Hermes statue Rarity: 20
    Zeus statue Rarity: 20
    Athena statue Rarity: 20
    Aeolus statue Rarity: 20
    Poseidon statue Rarity: 20

    Hoplite equipment
    Bronze aspis koile Rarity: 16
    Metal breastplate Rarity: 12
    Pair of bronze greaves Rarity: 9
    Bronze pilos Rarity: 6
    Wood and iron spear Rarity: 1

    Alexander the Great effigies
    Alexander the Great head Rarity: 17
    Alexander the Great statue Rarity: 14
    Alexander the Great high relief Rarity: 10
    The Deeds of Alexander Rarity: 9
    Alexander the Great gold stater Rarity: 5

    Macedonian wealth
    Oak leaf crown Rarity: 18
    Gondola earring Rarity: 16
    Sard collet ring Rarity: 15
    Ibex-headed bracelet Rarity: 14
    Black-glazed pyxis Rarity: 5

    Hellenistic worship items
    Dancers of Delphi Rarity: 19
    Phiale of Achyris Rarity: 17
    Stone altar Rarity: 13
    Female deity protome-bust Rarity: 8
    Horse statuette Rarity: 3

    Hellenistic trade goods
    Chalice-shaped krater Rarity: 14
    Onyx mosaic glass jar Rarity: 10
    Apulian skyphos Rarity: 7
    Glass amphoriskos Rarity: 4
    Terracotta lagynos Rarity: 2

    Hellenistic masterpieces
    Jockey of Artemision Rarity: 20
    Terme Boxer Rarity: 20
    Nike of Samothrace Rarity: 20
    Aphrodite of Milos Rarity: 20
    Laocoon and His Sons Rarity: 20

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    Tick Vikings


    Viking weapons

    Viking sword Rarity: 15
    Viking seax Rarity: 9
    Viking bow and arrow Rarity: 7
    Viking axe Rarity: 4
    Viking spear Rarity: 2

    Viking Age runestones
    Mask stone Rarity: 17
    Karlevi runestone Rarity: 13
    Lingsberg runestone Rarity: 8
    Dravle runestone Rarity: 8
    Sannerby runestone Rarity: 2

    Viking buildings
    Viking stave church Rarity: 18
    Viking longhouse Rarity: 15
    Viking chieftain hall Rarity: 15
    Viking merchant house Rarity: 14
    Viking hut Rarity: 10

    Viking armour pieces
    Viking coat of mail Rarity: 17
    Lamellar armour Rarity: 14
    Viking kite shield Rarity: 10
    Viking helmet Rarity: 8
    Viking round shield Rarity: 3

    Viking jewellery
    Viking necklace Rarity: 17
    Viking ring Rarity: 14
    Viking pin Rarity: 11
    Viking thistle brooch Rarity: 5
    Viking bracelet Rarity: 3

    Viking ships
    Drekar Rarity: 18
    Viking burial ship Rarity: 16
    Karve Rarity: 13
    Knarr Rarity: 7
    Faering Rarity: 1

    Well-known Vikings' possessions
    Rollo the Walker's pair of boots Rarity: 20
    Ivar the Boneless' potion Rarity: 20
    Harald Fairhair's complete wig Rarity: 20
    Harald Bluetooth's pendant Rarity: 20
    Cnut the Great's stool Rarity: 20

    Strange Viking substances
    Bowl of Yggdrasil's sap Rarity: 14
    Bucket of Urd's well water Rarity: 12
    Torch of Bifrost's fire Rarity: 9
    Little bottle of eitr Rarity: 6
    Drinking horn of mead of poetry Rarity: 3

    Sacred Viking animals
    Icelandic horse Rarity: 15
    Nordic goat Rarity: 10
    Norwegian forest cat Rarity: 7
    Boar Rarity: 5
    Northern raven Rarity: 1

    Famous Valkyries' equipment
    Brynhildr's winged helmet Rarity: 17
    Sigrdrifa's golden armour Rarity: 15
    Hildr's shield Rarity: 13
    Svafa's cloak Rarity: 8
    Sigrun's spear Rarity: 2

    Legendary Viking accessories
    Draupnir Rarity: 18
    Megingjord Rarity: 16
    Jarngreipr Rarity: 15
    Gjallarhorn Rarity: 14
    Brisingamen Rarity: 10

    Legendary Viking weapons
    Gungnir Rarity: 18
    Mjolnir Rarity: 17
    Sword of Life Rarity: 16
    Dainsleif Rarity: 14
    Angurvadel Rarity: 11

    Unknown Viking works of art
    Angry Berserker Rarity: 20
    Benevolent Odin Rarity: 20
    Sigurd Fighting Fafnir Rarity: 20
    Dying Yggdrasil Rarity: 20
    Merciless Valkyrie Rarity: 20

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    Tick Feudal Japan

    Feudal Japan

    Kamakura period clothes

    Samurai's o-yoroi Rarity: 17
    Imperial court lady's tsubo-shozoku Rarity: 14
    Samurai's kari-shozoku Rarity: 11
    Samurai's hitatare Rarity: 7
    Peasant woman's kosode Rarity: 3

    Japanese bonsai
    Japanese zelkova bonsai Rarity: 18
    Downy Japanese maple bonsai Rarity: 15
    Japanese apricot bonsai Rarity: 12
    Japanese holly bonsai Rarity: 9
    Japanese quince bonsai Rarity: 6

    Famous Buddhist monks' objects
    Shinran's statue of Amida Buddha Rarity: 18
    Honen's reference manuscript Rarity: 14
    Nichiren's goban Rarity: 10
    Eisai Zenji's chawan of green tea Rarity: 8
    Dogen Zenji's Shobogenzo page Rarity: 3

    Portraits of Kamakura period political figures
    Scroll painting of Ashikaga Takauji Rarity: 18
    Scroll painting of Emperor Go-Daigo Rarity: 14
    Drawing of Hojo Takatoki Rarity: 8
    Illustrated poem of Minamoto no Sanetomo Rarity: 5
    Scroll painting of Minamoto no Yoritomo Rarity: 4

    Mongol invaders' objects
    Mongol Empire ship Rarity: 18
    Mongol Empire Black Banner Rarity: 17
    Scroll painting of Kublai Khan Rarity: 7
    Mongolian reflex bow Rarity: 6
    Mongolian ceramic incendiary bomb Rarity: 1

    Kamakura period samurai weapons
    Kamakura period tachi Rarity: 16
    Kamakura period naginata Rarity: 13
    Kamakura period katana Rarity: 12
    Wooden and bamboo yumi Rarity: 5
    Kamakura period tanto Rarity: 2

    Kamakura Buddhist monument miniatures
    Tomb of Minamoto no Yoritomo Rarity: 20
    Shokozan Tokei-ji Rarity: 20
    Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gu Rarity: 20
    Kencho-ji sanmon Rarity: 20
    Kamakura's Daibutsu Rarity: 20

    Muromachi period cooking ingredients
    Plate of kazunoko Rarity: 14
    Bowl of dried bonito Rarity: 7
    Plate of seaweed Rarity: 6
    Zaru of soya bean sprouts Rarity: 2
    Bowl of rice Rarity: 1

    Tea ceremony equipment
    Chawan Rarity: 15
    Natsume Rarity: 12
    Fukusa Rarity: 6
    Hishaku Rarity: 2
    Chashaku Rarity: 1

    Portraits of Sengoku period figures
    Scroll painting of Tokugawa Ieyasu Rarity: 18
    Scroll painting of Toyotomi Hideyoshi Rarity: 16
    Scroll painting of Oda Nobunaga Rarity: 13
    Scroll painting of Ashikaga Yoshiaki Rarity: 8
    Scroll painting of Hosokawa Katsumoto Rarity: 5

    Traditional Japanese music instruments
    Tsuri-daiko Rarity: 17
    Koto Rarity: 14
    Horagai Rarity: 11
    Otsuzumi Rarity: 9
    NohkanRarity: 4

    Noh props
    Dojoji bell Rarity: 18
    Noh garb Rarity: 14
    Vengeful spirit mask Rarity: 10
    Old man mask Rarity: 7
    Noh fan Rarity: 3

    Nanban trade period possessions
    Shuinsen Rarity: 18
    Nanban style votive altar Rarity: 15
    Nanban style byobu Rarity: 13
    Nanbando Rarity: 10
    Tanegashima Rarity: 9

    Muromachi and Azuchi-Momoyama period monument miniatures
    Kinkaku-ji Rarity: 20
    Ginkaku-ji Rarity: 20
    Pagoda of Negoro-ji Rarity: 20
    Himeji Castle Rarity: 20
    Matsumoto Castle Rarity: 20

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    Tick European Renaissance

    European Renaissance

    Renaissance precious goods

    French pastel box Rarity: 14
    Chinese silk cloth Rarity: 11
    Pan of Sudanese gold dust Rarity: 9
    Sack of Banda Islands nutmegs Rarity: 6
    Sack of Aztec cocoa beans Rarity: 3

    Renaissance military innovations
    Bastion Rarity: 17
    Grand culverin Rarity: 15
    Wheellock pistol Rarity: 12
    Matchlock arquebus Rarity: 6
    Iron round shot Rarity: 1

    Renaissance exploration essentials
    Portuguese caravel Rarity: 18
    German astrolabe Rarity: 13
    Mercator world map Rarity: 8
    European compass Rarity: 7
    Chip log Rarity: 2

    Renaissance literature
    Joost van den Vondel's Lucifer Rarity: 17
    Garcilaso de la Vega's untitled poem Rarity: 13
    Michel de Montaigne's Essays Rarity: 10
    Petrarch's Il Canzoniere Rarity: 8
    William Shakespeare's Hamlet Rarity: 5

    Leonardo Da Vinci's tools
    Leonardo da Vinci's saw Rarity: 18
    Leonardo da Vinci's hammer Rarity: 14
    Leonardo da Vinci's quill pen Rarity: 6
    Leonardo da Vinci's paint brush Rarity: 4
    Leonardo da Vinci's pencil Rarity: 2

    Renaissance architects' preparatory works
    Model of Florence Cathedral's dome Rarity: 18
    Miniature pillar of Granada Cathedral Rarity: 15
    Drawing of Amsterdam Stock Exchange Rarity: 9
    Plan of Frederiksborg Palace Rarity: 7
    Drawing of the Louvre's Lescot Wing Rarity: 4

    Renaissance famous paintings
    Raphael's School of Athens Rarity: 20
    Sandro Botticelli's Primavera Rarity: 20
    Jan van Eyck's Ghent Altarpiece Rarity: 20
    Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper Rarity: 20
    Michelangelo's Creation of Adam Rarity: 20

    Renaissance gardening tools
    Billhook Rarity: 16
    Pair of gardening shears Rarity: 11
    Earthenware watering can Rarity: 7
    Dibber Rarity: 3
    Sickle Rarity: 2

    Renaissance symbolic flowers
    Great maiden's blush Rarity: 16
    Lily flower Rarity: 12
    Digitalis flower Rarity: 9
    Hawthorn flower Rarity: 6
    Ivy flower Rarity: 1

    Renaissance ceramics
    French glazed earthenware pitcher Rarity: 18
    Dutch tin-glazed earthenware flower pyramid Rarity: 15
    Ottoman fritware candle holder Rarity: 13
    Belgian maiolica tureen Rarity: 10
    Italian maiolica plate Rarity: 5

    Renaissance wardrobe
    Renaissance gown Rarity: 17
    Doublet Rarity: 14
    Ruff Rarity: 9
    Renaissance toque Rarity: 8
    Renaissance pair of breeches Rarity: 4

    Renaissance musical instruments
    Virginals Rarity: 17
    Viola da gamba Rarity: 15
    Sackbut Rarity: 11
    Crumhorn Rarity: 4
    Cornett Rarity: 2

    Renaissance scientific works
    Galileo's telescope Rarity: 18
    Francis Bacon's Novum Organum Rarity: 16
    Conrad Gessner's Historiae animalium Rarity: 14
    Andreas Vesalius's De humani corporis fabrica Rarity: 10
    Sector Rarity: 3

    Renaissance famous sculptures
    Francesco Laurana's Unknown Princess Rarity: 20
    Conrat Meit's Judith with the Head of Holofernes Rarity: 20
    Jean Goujon's Diana with a Stag Rarity: 20
    Michelangelo's David Rarity: 20
    Giambologna's Rape of the Sabine Women Rarity: 20

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    Tick Wild West

    Wild West
    14 Collections

    Native American tribes' relics

    Cherokee syllabary Rarity: 16
    Shawnee dress Rarity: 13
    Choctaw beaded bag Rarity: 9
    Pair of Muskogee stickball sticks Rarity: 6
    Sioux bow and quiver Rarity: 4

    Wild West fauna
    Grizzly bear Rarity: 17
    American bison Rarity: 14
    California condor Rarity: 7
    American quarter horse Rarity: 4
    Coyote Rarity: 2

    Wild West exploration essentials
    Keelboat Rarity: 18
    Wedge tent Rarity: 12
    Oilcloth bag Rarity: 8
    Pocket compass Rarity: 5
    Large knife Rarity: 3

    Gold rush equipment
    Water cannon Rarity: 18
    Crate of dynamite Rarity: 16
    Miner's cradle Rarity: 12
    Miner's pickaxe and spade Rarity: 3
    Gold pan Rarity: 1

    Cowboy attire
    Pair of deerskin gloves Rarity: 15
    Striped shirt Rarity: 13
    Pair of leather chaps Rarity: 10
    Boss of the plains Rarity: 7
    Cowboy bandana Rarity: 1

    Wild West communication systems
    Mail stagecoach Rarity: 18
    Telegraph key Rarity: 15
    Pony Express sign Rarity: 11
    Peacemaker Rarity: 8
    Smoked out campfire Rarity: 2

    Wanted posters of famous Wild West outlaws
    Butch Cassidy Rarity: 20
    Black Bart Rarity: 20
    Dalton Gang Rarity: 20
    Billy the Kid Rarity: 20
    Jesse James Rarity: 20

    Native American culinary specialities
    Plate of pemmican Rarity: 14
    Pan of cactus jam Rarity: 10
    Plate of succotash Rarity: 7
    Duo of frybread Rarity: 2
    Bowl of popcorn Rarity: 1

    Cowboy equipment
    Western saddle Rarity: 15
    Pair of western spurs Rarity: 8
    Bridle Rarity: 5
    Barbed wire roll Rarity: 1
    Lasso Rarity: 1

    Wild West games
    Rodeo horse Rarity: 17
    Horseshoe game set Rarity: 12
    Knife game set Rarity: 11
    Dice set and cup Rarity: 6
    Playing card pack Rarity: 2

    Wild West flora
    Saguaro Rarity: 17
    Pinyon pine Rarity: 14
    Beardtongue Rarity: 12
    Cow's tongue cactus Rarity: 7
    Barrel cactus Rarity: 2

    Wild West musical instruments
    Upright piano Rarity: 18
    Fiddle and bow Rarity: 15
    Banjo Rarity: 9
    Native American flute Rarity: 6
    Harmonica Rarity: 3

    Wild West weapons
    Gatling gun Rarity: 18
    Derringer Rarity: 13
    Smith & Wesson model 3 Rarity: 9
    Coach gun Rarity: 8
    Tomahawk Rarity: 4

    Native American precious objects
    Tlingit totem pole Rarity: 20
    Pomo basket Rarity: 20
    Ute rattle Rarity: 20
    Nez Perce man's shirt Rarity: 20
    Sioux chanunpa Rarity: 20

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    Tick Russian Empire

    Russian Empire
    21 collections

    Siberian flora

    Siberian rocket Rarity: 17
    Siberian spring beauty Rarity: 11
    Eastern pasque flower Rarity: 7
    Siberian dwarf pine Rarity: 3
    Siberian fir Rarity: 1

    Russian superstition mishmash
    Bird of omen Rarity: 17
    Mirror Rarity: 12
    Wooden table Rarity: 8
    Cutlery set Rarity: 4
    Kopeck Rarity: 1

    Traditional Russian wardrobe
    Kaftan Rarity: 17
    Kokoshnik Rarity: 13
    Sarafan Rarity: 9
    Kosovorotka Rarity: 7
    Pair of lapti Rarity: 3

    Peter the Great's reforms
    Painting of the Twelve Collegia building Rarity: 17
    Drawing of the Holy Synod Rarity: 14
    Table of Ranks Rarity: 10
    Poll tax charge Rarity: 5
    Beard token Rarity: 2

    Portraits of 18th century Russian emperors
    Statue of Catherine the Great Rarity: 18
    Painting of Peter III of Russia Rarity: 13
    Painting of Anna of Russia Rarity: 12
    Order of Peter the Great Rarity: 8
    Ruble of Elizabeth I of Russia Rarity: 4

    Russian Empire symbols
    Statue of Mother Russia Rarity: 18
    Painting of the Greater Coat of Arms of the Russian Empire Rarity: 16
    Russian bear Rarity: 15
    Imperial standard of the Russian Empire Rarity: 6
    De facto flag of Russia Rarity: 2

    Saint Petersburg monument miniatures
    Saint Michael's Castle Rarity: 20
    The Bronze Horseman Rarity: 20
    Smolny Cathedral Rarity: 20
    Winter Palace Rarity: 20
    Peter and Paul Cathedral Rarity: 20

    Traditional Russian dishes
    Trio of blini with caviar Rarity: 17
    Terrine of pelmeni Rarity: 9
    Kovsh of kvass Rarity: 6
    Bowl of shchi Rarity: 2
    Bowl of buckwheat kasha Rarity: 1

    Tsardom of Russia's enemies' objects
    Qing Dynasty brigandine Rarity: 18
    Portrait of Gustav I of Sweden Rarity: 14
    1570 map of Denmark Rarity: 11
    Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth's standard Rarity: 9
    Crimean Tatar bow Rarity: 4

    Siberian fauna
    Siberian crane Rarity: 18
    Siberian musk deer Rarity: 16
    Baikal seal Rarity: 15
    Tundra wolf Rarity: 13
    Siberian flying squirrel Rarity: 5

    Strelets equipment
    Red kaftan Rarity: 17
    Pair of orange boots Rarity: 14
    Musket Rarity: 12
    Oriental-style sabre Rarity: 8
    Bardiche Rarity: 3

    Old Russian musical instruments
    Gudok and bow Rarity: 18
    Gusli Rarity: 16
    Domra Rarity: 13
    Svirel Rarity: 7
    Treshchotka Rarity: 2

    Russian tsars' regalia
    Monomakh's Cap Rarity: 19
    Ivory throne Rarity: 17
    Golden orb Rarity: 15
    Golden sceptre Rarity: 15
    Golden chain Rarity: 10

    Muscovite monument miniatures
    Kremlin's Spasskaya Tower Rarity: 20
    Terem Palace Rarity: 20
    Ivan the Great Bell Tower Rarity: 20
    Novodevichy Convent Rarity: 20
    Saint Basil's Cathedral Rarity: 20

    Russian handicraft items
    Filimonovo toy Rarity: 14
    Dymkovo toy Rarity: 13
    Khokhloma kovsh Rarity: 9
    Gzhel ceramic tiger Rarity: 7
    Matryoshka doll set Rarity: 2

    Classics of the Golden Age of Russian literature
    Fyodor Dostoyevsky's The Brothers Karamazov Rarity: 17
    Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace Rarity: 13
    Nikolai Gogol's Dead Souls Rarity: 9
    Alexander Pushkin's Eugene Onegin Rarity: 6
    Mikhail Lermontov's Demon Rarity: 4

    Vestiges of the French invasion of Russia
    12-pounder Gribeauval cannon Rarity: 17
    Grenadier's bearskin Rarity: 15
    Regimental flag of the Grande Armée Rarity: 12
    Flow map of the French invasion of Russia Rarity: 6
    Torn blanket Rarity: 1

    Famed Russian artists' belongings
    Anna Pavlova's costume Rarity: 18
    Vaslav Nijinsky's scarf Rarity: 14
    Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov's pair of glasses Rarity: 10
    Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky's conducting baton Rarity: 8
    Mikhail Glinka's score Rarity: 5

    Evidence of the Industrial Revolution in Russia
    Model of the first electric tram Rarity: 18
    Model of the first continuous track farm tractor Rarity: 16
    First household radiator Rarity: 12
    Stamp of the first modern icebreaker Rarity: 6
    Map of the Trans-Siberian Railway Rarity: 2

    Portraits of Russian emperors 2
    Painting of Alexander I of Russia Rarity: 18
    Statue of Nicholas I of Russia Rarity: 17
    Photograph of Alexander II of Russia Rarity: 11
    Ruble of Nicholas II of Russia Rarity: 7
    Stamp of Alexander III of Russia Rarity: 3

    Masterpieces of Russian painting
    Marc Chagall's The Birthday Rarity: 20
    Kazimir Malevich's Black Square on a White Ground Rarity: 20
    Wassily Kandinsky's Composition VII Rarity: 20
    Ivan Kramskoi's Christ in the Desert Rarity: 20
    Karl Bryullov's The Last Day of Pompeii Rarity: 20

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    Tick Ancient Chinese

    Ancient Chinese

    Ancient Chinese cooking ingredients

    Plate of varied meats Rarity: 13
    Basket of varied fruits Rarity: 10
    Plate of varied grains Rarity: 9
    Bowl of soy sauce Rarity: 4
    Bowl of bamboo shoots Rarity: 1

    Ancient Chinese weapons
    Dagger-axe Rarity: 15
    Ring-pommelled sword Rarity: 11
    Dao Rarity: 7
    Jian Rarity: 4
    Long-siyah horn bow Rarity: 2

    Ancient Chinese games
    Liubo set Rarity: 18
    Qí board Rarity: 13
    Xiangqi set Rarity: 11
    Set of Chinese rings Rarity: 7
    Cuju ball Rarity: 3

    Possessions of figures precursory to the Three Kingdoms 1
    Lü Bu's Red Hare Rarity: 18
    Zhang Fei's glass Rarity: 14
    Cao Cao's poem Rarity: 12
    Dong Zhuo's self-portrait Rarity: 6
    Zhang Jue's turban Rarity: 2

    Possessions of figures precursory to the Three Kingdoms 2
    Sun Quan's jade dragon plaque Rarity: 18
    Zhuge Liang's hand fan Rarity: 14
    Sun Ce's helmet Rarity: 10
    Liu Bei's copy of the Classic of Rites Rarity: 8
    Cao Pi's map of the Three Kingdoms Rarity: 3

    Ancient Chinese pets
    Chinese mountain cat Rarity: 18
    Blossom-headed parakeet Rarity: 15
    Shar-pei Rarity: 6
    Goldfish Rarity: 1
    Cricket Rarity: 1

    Ancient Chinese symbolic flora
    Chinese pear Rarity: 20
    Peach tree Rarity: 20
    Chinese red pine Rarity: 20
    Chinese plum Rarity: 20
    Bamboo Rarity: 20

    Works of art of the Three Kingdoms
    Stone dragon head Rarity: 17
    Celadon jar Rarity: 13
    Green-glazed well Rarity: 8
    Decorated brick Rarity: 5
    Stone potter Rarity: 3

    Possessions of figures of the Three Kingdoms 1
    Zhao Yun's jade tiger plaque Rarity: 18
    Zhuge Ke's donkey Rarity: 12
    Lu Xun's statuette of Confucius Rarity: 10
    Meng Huo's pendant Rarity: 7
    Portrait of Emperor Xian of Han Rarity: 2

    Possessions of figures of the Three Kingdoms 2
    Liu Shan's plush toy Rarity: 18
    Cao Rui's chest Rarity: 11
    Cao Zhen's quiver Rarity: 6
    Sima Yi's portrait of Zhuge Liang Rarity: 3
    Portrait of Emperor Wu of Jin Rarity: 1

    Ancient Chinese weapons 2
    Guandao Rarity: 18
    Chain whip Rarity: 14
    Repeating crossbow Rarity: 9
    Qiang Rarity: 4
    Gun Rarity: 1

    Ancient Chinese musical instruments
    Bianzhong Rarity: 18
    Bianqing Rarity: 16
    Shenghuang Rarity: 10
    Qin Rarity: 5
    Dizi Rarity: 2

    Chinese wildlife
    Baiji Rarity: 18
    South China tiger Rarity: 16
    Panda Rarity: 15
    Golden snub-nosed monkey Rarity: 9
    Brown-eared pheasant Rarity: 4

    Chinese symbolic flowers
    Chinese hortensia Rarity: 20
    Chinese chrysanthemum Rarity: 20
    Chinese tiger lily Rarity: 20
    Hardy Chinese orchid Rarity: 20
    Chinese peony Rarity: 20

    Imported goods during the Song Dynasty
    Basket of medicinal plants from Java Rarity: 14
    Pair of elephant tusks from Sumatra Rarity: 11
    Pair of rhinoceros horns from Arabia Rarity: 7
    Set of spools of cotton yarn from Somalia Rarity: 3
    Bag of copper nuggets from Korea Rarity: 1

    Song Dynasty tea varieties
    Green tea brick Rarity: 17
    Small dish of jasmine tea pearls Rarity: 12
    Bowl of chrysanthemum tea Rarity: 11
    Plate of rolled beiyuan tea leaves Rarity: 6
    Dish of yellow tea leaves Rarity: 4

    Song Dynasty ceramics
    Ru ware plate Rarity: 17
    Ding ware bottle Rarity: 13
    Jun ware jar Rarity: 9
    Guan ware zun Rarity: 7
    Qingbai ware wine ewer Rarity: 3

    Advances under the Song Dynasty
    Model of an astronomical clock tower Rarity: 18
    Magnetic compass Rarity: 13
    Set of movable-type characters Rarity: 9
    Sketch of a pen huo qi Rarity: 5
    Jiaozi Rarity: 2

    Song Dynasty paintings
    Along the River During the Qingming Festival Rarity: 18
    Early Spring Rarity: 15
    Walking on a Mountain Path in Spring Rarity: 14
    A Luohan Rarity: 10
    Pigeon on a Peach Branch Rarity: 4

    Chinese Buddhist sculptures
    Wooden statue of Guanyin Rarity: 18
    Stucco statue of a Buddha attaining parinirvana Rarity: 17
    Wooden statue of a Bodhisattva Rarity: 15
    Marble statue of a kneeling Luohan Rarity: 8
    Stucco statue of a seated Buddha Rarity: 5

    Miniatures of Song Dynasty monuments
    Liuhe Pagoda Rarity: 20
    Northern Song Dynasty tomb complex Rarity: 20
    Rainbow Bridge Rarity: 20
    Xuanmiao Temple Rarity: 20
    Liaodi Pagoda Rarity: 20

    Goods imported from the New World
    Maize plant Rarity: 11
    Dish of chili peppers Rarity: 8
    Bag of sweet potatoes Rarity: 3
    Bowl of peanuts Rarity: 2
    Silver nugget Rarity: 1

    Ming Dynasty musical instruments
    Rag-dung Rarity: 17
    Yangqin Rarity: 12
    Erhu Rarity: 9
    Pipa Rarity: 8
    Paiban Rarity: 3

    Portraits of figures of the Ming Dynasty
    Painting of Zheng He Rarity: 18
    Bust of Li Shizhen Rarity: 15
    Painting of Yu Qian Rarity: 10
    Painting of the Hongwu Emperor Rarity: 5
    Painting of the Yongle Emperor Rarity: 2

    Ming Dynasty art
    Lofty Mount Lu Rarity: 18
    Jin Ping Mei Rarity: 1
    The Peony Pavilion Rarity: 14
    Lacquer sutra box Rarity: 7
    Blue-and-white porcelain pilgrim flask Rarity: 4

    Depictions of legendary Chinese creatures
    Dragon robe Rarity: 18
    Bixi stele Rarity: 16
    Statue of a nian Rarity: 13
    Qilin-shaped censer Rarity: 9
    Cloth fragment with a fenghuang Rarity: 5

    Taoist sculptures
    Model of a Taoist shrine Rarity: 18
    Statuette of Yuanshi Tianzun Rarity: 16
    Statuette of Laozi Rarity: 15
    Statuette of Zhaogong Ming Rarity: 13
    Statuette of a Taoist official Rarity: 4

    Miniatures of Ming Dynasty monuments
    Stele Pavilion of the Ming Dynasty Tombs Rarity: 20
    Zhenjue Temple Rarity: 20
    Temple of Heaven Rarity: 20
    Great Wall Rarity: 20
    Forbidden City Rarity: 20

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    Tick Ancient Romans

    Ancient Romans
    14 collections

    Animals of Roman gods

    Eagle of Jupiter Rarity: 14
    She-wolf of Mars Rarity: 8
    Bacchus' panther Rarity: 5
    Owl of Minerva Rarity: 3
    Peafowl of Juno Rarity: 2

    Ludi accessories
    Theatre mask Rarity: 16
    Racing chariot Rarity: 11
    Pair of caestus Rarity: 6
    Whip Rarity: 5
    Javelin Rarity: 3

    Roman Republican currency
    Aureus of Julius Caesar Rarity: 17
    Denarius of helmed Roma Rarity: 11
    Dupondius of a crocodile Rarity: 7
    Sestertius of the Dioscuri Rarity: 6
    As of a cow Rarity: 2

    Objects of enemies of the Roman Republic
    Carthaginian trireme mosaic Rarity: 18
    Samnite tomb fresco Rarity: 15
    Gallic boar-sign Rarity: 13
    Etruscan warrior figurine Rarity: 9
    Greek didrachm of Philip V of Macedon Rarity: 1

    Roman Republican clothing
    Toga Rarity: 13
    Palla Rarity: 10
    Stola Rarity: 8
    Tunic Rarity: 5
    Pair of caligae Rarity: 3

    Busts of writers of the Golden Age of Latin literature
    Bust of Julius Caesar Rarity: 18
    Bust of Cicero Rarity: 12
    Bust of Sallust Rarity: 11
    Bust of Lucretius Rarity: 6
    Bust of Catullus Rarity: 1

    Julius Caesar's possessions
    Statue of Venus Genetrix Rarity: 20
    Julius Caesar's bronze pen Rarity: 20
    Vercingetorix's sword Rarity: 20
    Julius Caesar's laurel wreath Rarity: 20
    Julian calendar Rarity: 20

    Ancient Roman cuisine ingredients
    Wild boar's head Rarity: 15
    Amphora of olive oil Rarity: 11
    Dish of fish Rarity: 8
    Bowl of honey Rarity: 2
    Bowl of garum Rarity: 2

    Roman legionary's equipment
    Lorica segmentata Rarity: 16
    Scutum Rarity: 14
    Galea Rarity: 9
    Pilum Rarity: 6
    Gladius Rarity: 3

    Varied ancient Roman relics
    Mosaic from the Villa Romana del Casale Rarity: 17
    Bracelet from Pompeii Rarity: 13
    Gladiator's helmet from the Colosseum Rarity: 10
    Stone from Hadrian's Wall Rarity: 7
    Strigil from the Baths of Caracalla Rarity: 1

    Depictions of writers of the Golden Age of Latin literature 2
    Bust of Livy Rarity: 17
    Mosaic of Virgil Rarity: 14
    Tondo of Vitruvius Rarity: 12
    Tablet of Ovid Rarity: 9
    Medal of Horace Rarity: 4

    Ancient Roman musical instruments
    Hydraulis Rarity: 18
    Roman cithara Rarity: 12
    Cornu Rarity: 7
    Roman tuba Rarity: 5
    Scabellum Rarity: 1

    Portraits of famous Roman emperors
    Marble statue of Augustus Rarity: 18
    Marble bust of Vespasian Rarity: 15
    Bronze head of Constantine the Great Rarity: 11
    Marble head of Diocletian Rarity: 8
    Bronze sestertius of Trajan Rarity: 3

    Miniatures of famous ancient Roman buildings
    Baths of Diocletian Rarity: 20
    Arch of Titus Rarity: 20
    Pont du Gard Rarity: 20
    Pantheon Rarity: 20
    Colosseum Rarity: 20

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