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  • wall posts deleted by fb

    all my posts for health kits and celebrations were mark as spam and deleted by fb. could that be fixed?
    thank you


    This is because lots of players have marked the links and posts has spam - from my understanding - players will have to mark posts they see as "not as spam"
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    Same for me - does not meet Facebook's Community Standards.
    And And my TM has been blocked - a malicious site

    I just reported it to FB. I presume we all need to report it.
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    Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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      mine are the same
      We removed this post because it looks like spam and doesn't follow our Community Standards.
      lock Marie Edwards shared a link.

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        Same here, Facebook cleaned my wall completely more then 50 TM posts removed, also I can not enter the game anymore
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          Same here! Get some time to play and this happens...... eeeerrrrrrr!

          I also noticed Facebook - I suppose we all will need to do so and wait a week for them to sort their mess!


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            I had my wall wipe clean of TM post for spam, luckily I can still access the game. Have lodged that they weren't spam, so should be fixed in a week or two......
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              When the message appears click on the option "Not spam", this way Facebook can fix the issue. We can't really do much else, as annoying and frustrating as coming home to almost 100 notifications saying we've deleted spam is....

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                Marieeeee, I was able to send you the health kit by clicking on your post here...


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                  here is the issue - I know it's something else - ad's or something but started the same time as tm's issue --


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                    Please try your game again - the reward post have reappeared on the fan page