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Easter 2017 Special Map

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  • Easter 2017 Special Map

    Is this why I'm collecting TM Mulit-Pens for the next three weeks?

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    I can't find anything about a special map or the need to collect these pens. I have been asked for some from team members and I have seen there are some missions that are not available for some time and which I seem to have already completed? Where do I find more information, please?
    Thanks to all for the gifts that I have received, especially those that are reducing my unfinished sets total

    If you need cuties check out the My Cute Zoo thread at the top of the gifting lounge

    If I have helped I would appreciate rep too.

    Here is my wishlist


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      There is no more informaiton at this point Moth. While we don't have to collect the pens, I've started stocking up on them because I believe we will need them for the Easter mission. As per usual, I have no idea how many we will require.

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