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    Originally posted by Bibi5 View Post
    The randomness of the grids and the facts that you can find several solutions are made so that you MUST buy coins/boosters in order to succeed through the grid! Let's face it, the creators want to make money. Its a game for us but a business for them. I only wish they would be a little more fair in their grid creations. Or at the very least, make the boosters cost less so one can continue playing. Also, what is with the 3 keys thing?? What keys?? Takes 6 coins to open the next level? Another money grab.

    You can get both boosters and keys for free. Purchasing them is a choice, not something that is forced on any player.

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      i can only ask for keys at freinds ther dont play ????????


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        Originally posted by Carla Lilballe View Post
        i can only ask for keys at freinds ther dont play ????????

        Then that means you have reached a level that requires you to invite new friends to the game - don't worry the developers know not everyone will like this type of game - Carmen will be around in 2 to 3 days with keys you need


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          print out the puzzle and solve it on paper is the best way if you are stuck Sasha - the only thing I can tell you - it is reasonable and apologize - or if you're down to 2 or 3 choices and you can put in any of them - usually you can eliminate one's pretty easy really - you can use an enhanced shield - it gives you 3 mistakes on maps without losing health points