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Here you can find short guides for our games and answers regarding the way the forum works:

How to play Treasure Madness

How to play Treasure Madness

Looking for adventure & fun with your friends? you've come to the right place!

Treasure Madness is a very easy game which puts you in the shoes of a treasure hunter:
travel to the Americas to earn fortune and fame...

1) Explore maps, play mini-games and collect treasures

The Maps you explore are divided into tiles. You have to click on each tile to search it and discover whatís hidden there.
But itís not that easy: if the tile actually contains a rare item, you will have to face a mini-game challenge to earn it.

Here is what you can find:

  • A collectable treasure
  • Some food
  • Some money
  • Other useful things

Note that some parts of the maps might require the use of a specific equipment or item.

2) Health points, experience points and unlocking maps

To search a tile, you spend energy which is measured in Health Points (HP). When you have no more health points you can:

  • Eat some of your food from your inventory
  • Use a Health Kit or other supplies
  • Wait for some time to let your health points refill automatically until the max-out limit.

Each time you search, you are rewarded with some Experience Points (XP). When you get enough XP, you upgrade to the next Level and get rewarded with a First Aid Kit (+100HP). Sometimes you will also unlock some new maps or equipment.

Sometimes you will also unlock some new maps or equipment

3) Collect treasures and trade with your friends

Each Treasure found in the game belongs to a Collection.

For instance the "Gold Condor" is part of the "Aztec Wonders" collection which comprises of four other items. When you have completed a collection you can secure it with the Museum.

We encourage you to trade these treasures with other members of your Team in order to complete and secure all the available collections. To recruit team members, invite your friends to play Treasure Madness with you.

Tips & Tricks

  • Keep an eye on your gold

  • Donít use all your gold to buy every map or every item. Save your gold until you can buy something and still have a decent amount left over. Just because you can buy things doesnít mean you have to. Does it really matter that you havenít finished an island yet? You can always go back to them.

  • Always have spare islands open. Donít limit yourself to 1 island.

  • Share your treasures with others. The more you give the more you receive. If you donít receive, donít worry, it just means you did a good deed for someone.

  • Invite many friends to play Treasure Madness, they will help you to lift heavy tiles.

  • If you need low rarity items and your team members are at a higher level than you, put your low rarities on your wish list. Your team-mates will more than likely have them as they are at a higher level. Donít put high rarities in your wish list if you donít need them just yet.

  • Trade on this forum. Trading is a great way to finish your collections, meet new people and find out when the updates are happening.

  • Keep your wish list full. Your team-mates canít give you items if they donít know what you need.

  • If you cant get something you need like anti venom or bug spray, donít stress over it. You get things at certain levels. You donít have to finish each map immediately to progress in the game.

  • Once you have completed a map you can replay them as many times as you want to find the treasures that you missed the first time around.

  • When it says "send as a gift" it means that either you have already secured this collection (you will see a green flag above it) and you have some spares you can give or you have more than one item (have at least one spare) but you haven't secured the collection yet (there isn't a green flag above).

  • Remember to update you Wish List often, so that other players can send you what you need.

  • Publish your accomplishments, like completing collections and levelling-up, as often as you can so your team will be able to collect GP and HP from the wall. Look out for other people's publishes to collect GP and HP for yourself as well.

  • You also get a gold bonus once a day.

  • Most importantly, have fun!

Treasures & collections

Play mini-games to collect treasures. Secure collections of 5 treasures to win GP.

Gifting & wishlist

In you treasure tab you can add missing treasures to your 'Wish List'. This means that your team can send you that treasure if they have it.

If you have more than one of any treasure you are able to offer it to any friend.

Mini-Game: Chestris

In the early stages it is quite easy but can get frustratingly difficult after level 30


  • Up arrow = rotate piece
  • Left arrow = move piece left
  • Right arrow = move right
  • Down arrow = drop piece faster < Only use if you have to wedge a piece in place (see tips)
  • Space Bar = drop piece straight away


Try to clear more than one row at a time buy building columns. Clearing 4 rows at once is worth more than clearing 1 row 4 times, so wait until you get a 4x1 piece.

Always try to use the SPACE BAR to drop pieces straight away and only use the down arrow when a piece needs slotting in; for eg: If your first piece is green or pink, place it in the center.

You have a little time after a piece lands to move it left or right so use the down arrow to drop an L shape or similar next to the shape, then quickly hit the left or right arrow to slot it into place. You want to make sure that you always look for a perfect fit, rather than just randomly dropping pieces. In the event of no perfect fit, you want to place the piece to minimize the creation of gaps on the board.

Keep an eye out at the top of the game, as it shows you which piece will be next and will help you place the current one.

Mini-Game: Pearls Mania

You can get a nice high level on this game with a few tricks.

How to play

Use the mouse to point the shooter then click to shoot.


You want to shoot pearls into a cluster of balls, to make a group of 3 or more adjacent pearls of the same colour. Any pearl that is below these balls will drop if not connected to the wall or a ball above the pearl shot, so try and aim for groups high up so you can drop quite a few balls at once.

Don't shoot too fast, think about where you want to place a pearl because the more balls you haphazardly shoot, the more you will have to clear from the board.

Never waste a shot. If you have no clear shot to a cluster then place it somewhere low so that it will fall later.

Bounce the pearl off the side, remembering it will bounce off at the same angle it hits, it takes a bit of practise but after a while you should be able to finish the game in no time at all..

Mini-Game: Memory

Like the game we all played with cards when we were small, match a pair and they will stay tuned.

How to play

Simply click on the square and then the one you think is a match.


Even with a bad memory it is possible to get quite far with this oneÖ my memory is terrible and I've not lost a game YET! I find trying to remember all the details too much so I just say the colour of each in my head as I open them, itís not perfect and you often click two blue tiles with different images.

There is no penalty for guessing wrong so there is no harm in some fast clicking, to help find out where they all are.

Mini-Game: Jewel Drop

Similar to Chestris in that you have to rotate and drop pieces but in this case you need to get groups of four or more of each piece, they then disappear and are shown on the collection board to the left


  • Up arrow = rotate piece
  • Left arrow = move piece left
  • Right arrow = move right
  • Down arrow = drop piece faster
  • Space Bar = piece will drop instantly


As soon as a new piece appears glance at the box which tells you what will come next it will help you decide where to place the present piece.

If you have completed a set (it will be highlighted green on the left) then dump useless pieces in any spaces you have so you can carry on trying for the ones you need.

As with Chestris it is really important to use the SPACE BAR to drop jewels straight away, once you have rotated them of course! It gives you a huge speed advantage and makes the game much easier to win.

Mini-Game: Gem Swap

The aim of the game is to match 3 or more if the same type of gem which will then be cleared off the game board.

How to play

Use the mouse click and hold on the piece you wish to move then move the mouse in the direction you want it to go, or click the each of the two gems which are side by side and they will swap.


Try to make matches at the bottom of the board as these quite often that causes a cascade and you will get several matches all at once. Try to match longer lines of 4 or 5.

If you canít see anything don't touch the board for a while but watch carefully, two swappable gems will wiggle to show you where a match is.

Mini-Game: Fruittle

The aim of the game is to slide fruits into groups of 3 or more, which will then be cleared off the game board.

How to play

Use the mouse to click and hold on to the piece you wish to move, then slide it either horizontally or vertically to where you want it to go.


Try and focus less on the shapes of the fruits and more on their colours. This will help you to spot where the matches are much faster. If you can't see anywhere to go then don't touch the board for a while, you will then be given a hint.

Mini-Game: Stone Breaker

Click groups of 3 or more of the same coloured stones to explode them. Clear the board so the key can unlock the chest.

How to play

Click on groups of the same coloured stone. Use the dynamite to explode groups of stones that are less than 3.


You can try different tactics to win this game. Some that may help is to start at the top and work your way down, or to start with one colour and break all of those groups until you have no more left. With a bit of practice you will able to find your own personal method for beating this game.

Mini-Game: Minolovka

Search the discs to find the treasure and avoid the traps.

How to play

Use the left mouse button to click on a disc or the treasure. Hold down the left mouse button, or ctrl + left click, to lock a dangerous tile.


The numbers that are revealed behind the discs tell you how many traps are next to that disc. Try and eliminate the obviously dangerous tiles first by locking them. You can click on the treasure as soon as you see it to win the game, even if the board is not completely cleared.

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